The traditional wooden mask industry is a folk art that has evolved over centuries, based primarily on the beliefs and practices of the Sri Lankan people. Many of these colorful and creative masks are associated with kolam rituals, drama and the popular low-country dance style.

According to legend, the mask was magically created by the god Sakra to satisfy a strange craving that King Maha Sammatha’s queen had, to witness a drama and laugh.

Most of the traditional wooden masks found in Sri Lanka are made of light and durable wood types such as Vel Kanduru and Ruk Attana. There are many types of masks that are carved out of wood and painted in bright colors. The Ambalangoda area located in southern Sri Lanka is famous for this industry and the masks are very much in demand by the tourist industry today. These are indeed a true testament of Sri Lanka’s identity, heritage and culture. At GALLERY CEYLON you have a chance to buy both delicately engraved wooden masks as well as traditional wooden masks.

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